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My mission is to empower ambitious, visionary women to unleash their true potential and live their dream life, without sacrifice.

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Karolyn brings her unique combination of naturopathy, and embodied leadership coaching to guide you home to your true self, heal your nervous system and expand your capacity to receive.


Allowing you to remember your value, renew your vitality at a cellular level, to build emotional resilience and up level holistic success. Owning your power and voice, you’ll take up space and be seen leading the way for many to trust themselves fully, shine their light bright and create a legacy.


Karolyn has been the CEO of her life and business since July 2016, creating multi 6 figures, spoken on stages inspiring thousands globally, lived in Bali, hosted courageous leaders summits, podcasts, and retreats. She has taken huge risks and quantum leaped many times over, inspiring many to choose faith over fear.


Studying trauma integration, healing the nervous system, has allowed her to feel safe, calm and connected in her body to call-in next level success. She teaches simple somatic embodiment and mindset practices to allow you to move from surviving to thriving with sustainable energy, abundance and joy.

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I help you create a nourishing relationship with yourself. Amplify your abundance, freedom & joy without sacrifice or stress by expanding your capacity to hold and receive your hearts desires. 

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Membership - $99

  • An online academy modules include trainings from 7 figure leaders on Marketing, Sales, Facebook Ads,  Personal branding, 7-Figure Mindset, Embodiment, Leadership and more.

  • Access to our high vibe community of thousands of conscious entrepreneurs and visionaries and courageous leaders, for proximity to lead, expand and manifest your vision.

  • Launch your business course: An incredible course to set up your business to start thriving in 30 days, money mindset, social media, sales, launching, automation, and more!

option 2



Coaching - $POA

  • Coaching tailored to your unique needs

  • Epigenetic's

  • Somatic Embodiment tools

  • Vision Strategy

  • Mindset​

  • Celebration ceremony

  • Self-trust​

  • Leadership

  • Emotional Intimacy and more

  • Laser 1:1 coaching using Voxer

  • 6 weeks minimum commitment

option 3


The EXPANSION Experience

Membership - $3333+

  • Access to our training portal with videos and resources

  • 2 x group coaching calls per month over the 90-day experience

  • 1 x 1:1 Epigenetics / Naturopathy / Vision session

  • Online breathwork and sound healing session

  • Access to Karolyn, 3 days a week for laser 1:1 coaching, love and support

  • Celebration ceremony

  • Upgrade to VIP and get a 6 month expansion with added bonuses including immersive coaching and a retreat.

the time is now


Are you an ambitious, visionary woman who's ready to unleash your true potential?


Are you ready to activate your bold vision and create a life of fulfilment?


Do you have anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue or trauma and a desire to heal your nervous system and restore emotional resilience? 


Are you ready to expand and receive next-level wealth, vitality, love, joy, pleasure and the holistic success you deserve? 

Free Workbook

5 Steps to Holistic Success

True freedom and success is an inside job.


Our internal world creates our external world. I believe our relationship with ourselves directly reflects our relationships, wealth, and business success.

True Freedom is when we love and accept ourselves and are our fully expressed self, we speak our truth  unapologetically, without fear of judgment, rejection, failure or success.

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure!

wild woman activation


Our Retreats are a place for deep connection with yourself and like - hearted women, we provide a safe space for you to feel, heal, expand and embody joy and abundance.


In today's busy world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted.

It's time to re-connect with your true self and your wildly abundant vision.


Is it time to come home to harmony, and nourish your soul.

  • Workshops and Experiences include:
  • Somatic embodiment tools
  • Yoga & movementa
  • Nature walks
  • Breathwork
  • Ice-bath
  • Health tonics
  • Cacao circle
  • Aligning your Vision, Values and Selfcare habits.
  • Owning your feminine power, cultivating deep self-love and self trust.
  • Amplify your vitality, understand your epigenetic health expression.
  • Healing your nervous system to expand your capacity to receive more love, abundance, joy.

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Courageous Leaders


Each episode we meet international thought leaders in wellness, entrepreneurship, high performance, and personal development. We share their call to courage, from "adversity to victory." Their mindset, skillset and habits to amplify your vision, impact and prosperity.



In this free Facebook Group community, the intention is to uplift and inspire you to lead with courage. To choose love over fear, believe and trust in yourself, lead by example, get fun-comfortable, live your unique authentic truth, and bring your ultimate vision to life.



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